Vocalist Toshimitsu Deyama is going through a complicated situation right now. He is facing divorce and trying to leave his current record label and management office (Lemuria Island Records/Home of Heart Records/Healing World, Co, Ltd). He declared himself in bankruptcy due to not earning money for the past 12 years. The owner of these record labels, Masaya Kurabuchi, has been exploiting Toshi by not paying him for his work. Toshi’s staff, “TOSHI OFFICE” right now is also owned by Masaya, and shares the same personal as Home of Heart. In a nutshell, this means that all Toshi solo work sale incomes from 1992 to current date go to Masaya directly, and Toshi gets no money. Many newspapers are publishing more about the topic now, and details were presented in a press conference.

The situation is fuzzy right now, in every sense. We only know Toshi’s side of the story so far, and we’re missing a lot of legal details. Instead of judging things in our terms, let’s trust the Japanese justice system will take care of this. Speculation sometimes leads to very random ideas and theories, where people talk not knowing what lies are truths and what truths are lies.

However, and precisely because we can’t be sure of anything, as for now we believe the safest and most honest decision is to not buy any Toshi material, at least until the whole situation stabilizes. There is a high chance that if you buy Toshi material right now, you’re only gonna be helping to take money away from him. Remember the situation is subject to change, so use your own judgement.

In future happy news, a Toshi concert (produced by Yoshiki and guesting X members) is gonna be performed at February, if this concert is released, you can surely support Toshi by either assisting to the concert, or buying any goodies or a possible DVD that sprout from that concert. Yoshiki has decided to fully support Toshi in these hard times, so all money given to his productions is gonna help Toshi a lot.

If you’re worried about contacting Toshi, you should be aware of his situation in the world wide web. Because of his contract with Home of Heart, all official Toshi websites right now are owned by Masaya, and Toshi has likely no control over them, including all these:

This is the only website that we know for sure is under Toshi’s control (you need an account to see the mixi blog), this is where he posted about his current situation before telling it to the press:

Remember that most of all, the best support you can give Toshi is just moral support, you can do it anywhere on the web by posting in high spirit your support towards him. We do not encourage starting hatred/flaming towards Masaya or Wanku, it’s no use and we can’t be sure of anything. The best way to face this is with humor and a smile.

The current X Boards thread to discuss the topic is here.