“You don’t need to be fixed.” Said the man.

“I vowed that I would be your hero too, no matter how long it took,” he whispers.

I don’t have that kind of strong determination. I’m not hero, just an ordinary creature in this world. I’m not sure that I need to be fixed or need you to fix yourself or not, just one thing I know, that I alone could never fix myself.

I’m the kind of people who love themselves the most. I’ve never loved anyone more than myself. I tend to give up on anything that is difficult and choose those easier. I tend to love then destroy whatever I love the most. Say, maybe I don’t deserve to be loved.

In the end, maybe I’m the only one left in my own world.
No one cares. No one dares. No one shares…

Eventually it’s just me who failed to become a blue rose.

Would you accept me with that tone of violet?
Would you bring me more pigments of blue?
I’m waiting for myself to bloom into a beautiful rose without knowing how long it takes…
Just wait, with hope that someday it will come…

Am I blind?