Back to my station after a long working day, in the cold night rain, suddenly a smell of something so good reached me and I saw an old man wearing helmet (so his head would not get wet) standing in the rain, selling his yaki-imo (grilled potato). When I asked him the price, he gave me 1/4 of a potato and said “try this, you’ll see it’s very delicious.” Then he mentioned the price but I couldn’t make out how much it was. Anyway I still decided to buy so maybe he could go home a bit earlier. He chose a big one for me, and then a smaller one, said that it’s omiyage (means I give you this for free). I rummaged my wallet trying to find the smallest money but couldn’t find anything except a 10,000yen. When he saw it he said he didn’t have enough change. I said I would go to buy something at the sweet shop to get small money but he said I could take the potatoes for free. I said I’d come back tomorrow to buy more but he said he’d not be there tomorrow, so all that I could do was to thank him and then go.

I’m enjoying his love (I mean the potato). It’s big enough to fill my hungry stomach so I decide to eat only half of the smaller one and save the rest for tomorrow (I still need to finish my rice). The potato is super sweet and tender you can even eat the skin. It melts inside my mouth. I’m thrilled. How could thing like in a fairytale like this happen?
God bless you, ojiichan. Wish you health and happiness.