IMG_7052Human body and mind have no limit, this I have experienced from time to time.
There was time I climbed 14km to the mountain, alone, no GPS, no internet. It was dark and raining that time.
This time was crazy in another way.
I wanted to visit the Historical River Estates in Utrecht, the Netherlands, but because public transportation there was not good so I decided to hire a bike and go by myself. I drew a route from Ams to Loenen-Breukelen, then Naarden, Murderslot and back to the hostel. I thought that I would be ok with the distance.
I didn’t have internet and the offline map only allowed me to check car route, not bicycle route. I followed the car roads and couldn’t count how many times I felt so hopeless not being able to get in the road for cars but at the same time couldn’t find a way to cross the river using bicycle road.
Half the journey, my butt got so hurt I couldn’t ride so I had to rest on the grass for a while. Then my knees gave up, then my thighs. I had to used the upper part of my body to push the legs down and made them turn the wheels. Only my head was clear so I sang sometimes to encourage myself.
10pm, I was still at the second ring from the city center and the sky was getting darker and darker. There were even sometimes I thought that I might not make it home that day. I did, finally, at 11pm. How I managed to do that when the whole body felt like rubbish, I didn’t know.
I tried to calculate the total distance using Google map and it was around 100km. But I couldn’t calculate the round way I took to cross the river so it must be over 100km.
And the next day I still woke up early and went out sightseeing.
Until now, my injured knee is still stinging every time I walk too fast or go down the slope, but so far I’ve managed to follow the initial tight schedule.
And the trip to Utrecht was totally worth my effort. I’ve never been so moved just by looking at houses. I love the way they live in harmony with the nature. We all should live that way.